The Kundalini is the harp on which the Divine plays the melody of its Love. She is the ladder by which the seeker steps across the threshold into the fathomless Unconscious. She is the jumping board that allows one to soar from finite to infinite in the ocean of freedom, peace and bliss. Kundalini is the goal of that long-promised abode, the Kingdom of Almighty God.

Ancient sages who meditated and achieved great heights of awareness, have written a lot about Kundalini. Living away from the public in forest dwellings they saw the working of Kundalini within themselves during meditation. Apart from descriptions in ancient Indian scriptures, Kundalini has also been described in religious books like the Thorats Bible and the Koran as 'the fire tree'. In those books there are many references couched in secretive language which few would have understood.

The Bible tells of the first meeting of all the disciples with the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion. The closed room they met in "was filled with a great wind, and there appeared above their heads, as it were, separate tongues of fire, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost." This is a description of a vision of Kundalini. Various Chinese philosophers have also described the Kundalini in their writings, and Greek mythology catalogued the same Gods and Goddesses I have written about in the chapter on Creation. The Zen Buddhist religion teaches very clearly that the basis of Buddhist meditation is the science of Kundalini.

The name 'Kundalini' was bestowed by Indian sages. God has never given a name to anything He has created. It is the feminine form of the word 'Kunda' which means 'rings' or 'coils' in Sanskrit. Although written in secretive language, the description of Kundalini in those ancient scriptures is easily intelligible to a Sahaja Yogi. Realized souls can visualize and understand the subtle implication behind the meanings of gross sentences. It is high time people compiled and organized the scattered descriptions about Kundalini from all these great scriptures. It would be enlightening to the religious followers of all these sects to understand that in every religion, the flame of truth burns on the wick of Kundalini. She is a universal identity in every human being. Knowledge of Kundalini is mostly described in Sanskrit texts, but I have tried to explain Her using scientific terminology to suit the modern need. One should not, even for a moment, be obsessed with the idea that knowledge can be contained or expressed only through one language. Nor does the expression of truth, expressed through one language, male other languages in any way less important.

Later on I shall describe in the medical 53 01.01.1033,  First book terminology I learned almost forty years ago the growth and manifestation of the subtle energy of Kundalini.

If there are any differences of names due to the changed nomenclature over the years, one should not worry about the words but rather concentrate on the knowledge conveyed through them.