Balancing Technique

The greatest gift of modern times is that an easier way of awakening this energy has been found. It has become effortless and simple to receive this awakening, often called as "self-realization" . Shri Mataji , the founder of Sahaja Yoga, has developed a simple technique by which one can receive self-realization even through the Internet and feel it happen on their own central nervous system. That, which has been difficult to achieve in the caves of ancient sages and seers, today is available to everyone - for free . Yes, it is free and Shri Mataji time and again reiterated that we cannot buy our evolution - it is to happen naturally and spontaneously.

When awakened, the kundalini energy fills our inner subtle system and spontaneously leads us into the state of meditation by balancing, aligning and normalizing the working of our energy system. It balances us by removing the causes of many deseases, emotional and mental disorders and gradually establishes peace, satisfaction and harmony within and without.