How SY Meditation Can Help

Illnesses and ailments arise due to imbalances of our subtle system.  Through Sahaja Yoga one awakens the dormant primordial Kundalini energy and it starts enlightening the energy centres (chakras) within you.  You can then heal, correct, balance and nourish these energy centres(chakras) through simple cleansing techniques taught in Sahaja Yoga.  You become more centered and balanced, your state of health improves and you become immune to illnesses. Here are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of sahaja yoga meditation:

1. Health improves. Physical diseases relating to Heart, diabetes, blood pressure, stomach ailments, and also other mental illnesses due to stress, tension, worries, as also insomnia, depression, fits, and many other psycho somatic diseases have been easily cured.

2. Natural cure from various addictions.

3. Improvement and harmony in family life and social relations.

4. Improves in memory which results in better learning.

5. Latest artistic talents get fully developed.

6. We become courageous and confident.

7. Peace, contentment and joy are hallmarks of Sahaja Yoga.

8. Many psychosomatic problems and mental confusions can be cured.