How does SY Meditation work

Inside each of us there already exists a system through which this spontaneous awakening can happen. The knowledge about the subtle system of energies that govern, regulate and manage our being has been a well guarded secret for centuries.

Consisting of seven major energy centers, often called "chakras" and three channels, this system is the key to own well-being, happiness and self-realization. It is also a root of all our problems, be it physical emotional or mental. Yet, a more precious secret was the knowledge about that which is hidden at the base or own spinal cord, silently awaiting the moment to rise, enlighten us, and grant us all our inner beauty, power and strength - the event defined as an ultimate achievement of a human being in all ancient scriptures.

This secret is an energy, it is called by many names but it is most frequently termed "Kundalini" (from Sanskrit "kundal" - meaning "coil" ).