Vinayaka Agaval

Avvaiyar, a Tamil Saiva saint of South India , was an ardent devotee of Sri Ganesha. Since childhood, her seeking was tremendous, and when her parents started seeking alliance for her marriage, she deeply prayed to Sri Ganesha, to transform her form to that of an old lady, and immediately, Sri Ganesha blessed her with an old form.

Since then, she continued to spread the Divine message. Her messages were well received by the kings of Sangam period, and many times brought peace to warring states, by her wise words.

Many have been her works, including some for children, to shape their character.

In her spiritual pursuits, she has been blessed many a time by Shiva ,Sakthi,Ganesha and Karthikeya. The outpourings as a result of such divine darshans provide a guidance to ardent seekers, in their quest to know the Truth.

How Karthikeya tested her Ego   

Gold, if it is to become purer, it has to undergo a number of tests. Similarly a seeker of truth ,is put to a lot of tests by the Divine, to see whether he or she is earnestly seeking the Ultimate.

In the case of Avvaiyar too, many were the plays and tests the Divine played .

Here is a beautiful test that Shri Karthikeya played , to test her Ego.

While Avvaiyar was traveling inside a forest, Shri Karhikeya, appeared as a small boy, sitting on top of a tree laden with sweet fruits. Avvaiyar was passing by the tree, and her mind was engrossed in some deep thoughts and she never saw this boy who was up the tree.

The boy called Avvaiyar, and asked her whether she wanted any of the tasty fruits, which he was ready to pluck and throw to her.

Avvaiyar asked the boy not to disturb her as she was introspecting on some high divine aspects and thoughts

The boy persisted in his request and asked her whether she wanted the fruits , Hot or Cold . Avvaiyar got irritated when she heard this request of this boy, and asked him, how a fruit which was in the tree could be Hot or Cold.

Avvaiyar half heartedly said to the boy to throw to her , a Cold fruit. The boy with a trick in mind deliberately threw the fruit, not into her hand, but on a heap of sand nearby

Avvaiyar, angrily went to the spot where the fruit fell , picked it up, and with her mouth blew the sand which was sticking on the fruit.

On seeing this act of Avvaiyar, the boy mischeivously asked her , whether the fruit was Hot, to which she replied in the negative. The boy asked her why she was blowing the fruit to cool it , if it was not hot.

Suddenly Avvaiyar realized that this boy was no ordinary human, and Karthikeya revealed to her His Divine Form. Avaaiyar , fell at the feet of Karthikeya and thanked Him for making her realize and see her Ego. Avvaiyar prayed to Karthikeya to remove the Ego , which was a hindrance to her path of Ascent.

Many other wonderful incidents happened in her life and many miracles occurred by her prayer to the Divine

Incidents Leading to Rendering of Vinayaka Agaval

   Avvaiyar , an ardent devotee of Shri Ganesha, performed pujas to him.She heard that Sundarar , another Shiva devotee had started to Kailash. Avvaiyar too wanted to join him and reach Kailash, the abode of Shiva.

With this thought in mind, she started performing Sri Ganesh Puja in a hurried manner. Sri Ganesha appeared before her and asked her why she was performing the puja to Him in a hurried manner today. Avvaiyar replied that Sundarar had started for Kailash and that she wanted to join him and thus was performing her puja a hurried manner.

Sri Ganesha said to Avvaiyar to perform puja to Him in a slow manner with full involvement and one mindedness and promised her that at the end of the puja , He will take her to Kailash before everyone. Avvaiyar performed the puja with full faith and as promised at the end of the puja , Sri Ganesha , lifted her up and took her to Kailash .(The real meaning is Sri Ganesha revealed to her Kundalini Yoga , and made her reach Sahasrara , to merge with the Divine couple ( Sada Shiva and Adi Sakthi). Having experienced the Divine Yoga ( Kundalini Yoga) , Avvaiyar rendered VINAYAKA AGAVAL , explaining the Divine form of Shri Ganesha, and how Ganesha came to her in the form of a mother and showered Grace , revealing Kundalini Yoga and she also beautifully explains the functioning of the chakras, nadis and the Kundalini instrument and blessing of this Supreme Yoga.   

Verse 1 

"Seedha kalaba senn thaamarai poom
paadha silabu pala isai paada . "

Divine musical notes emanate from the anklets adorning the fragrant , cool, red colored lotus feet of Vinayaka.

Verse 2

"Ponn araijnanum poonthugil aadaiyum
vanna marungil valarnthu azhagu aerippa . "  

The gold araijna and the scented new floral designed dress add to the beauty of Vinayaka's waist.

Verse 3

"Peezhai  vayirum  perum  baara  kodum
Vaezha mughamum villangu sindhuramum . "  

Possessing a big belly, strong tusks and a elephant face, which is decorated by a bright red " Sindhur".

Verse 4

"Anju karamum ankusa paashamum
Nenjil kudi konda neela maeniyum . "

Of the five hands that Vinayaka has, one holds the weapon " Ankush", the second  a " paasha " ,  offering protection, and his heart is the seat  of       "Neelakanda " Shiva. 

Verse 5

"Naandra  vaayum  naal  iru  bhuyamum
Moondru kannum mum madha suvadum . "

The majestic trunk covers his mouth ( thereby silently teaching the importance of mauna), possess " 8 "  shoulders , 3 eyes , and has scars caused by 3 malas.

Verse 6

"Irandu  seviyum  illangu  ponn  mudiyum
Thiranda muppuri nool thighazh oli maarbum . "

The majestic ears ( blowing chaitanya) , decorative crown on his head, and his chest sports the " sacred thread ".

Shri Mataji on Swarupa of Shri Ganesha

“This chaitanya has many aspects . In Shri Ganesha, specially, it is auspiciousness. Everything that emits vibrations (Chaitanya) is SHUDH and whatever does not is not auspicious. So whatever you worship or accept has to be auspicious. Every shape has a coefficience and all the shapes do not necessarily give vibrations. We take Shri Ganesha as granted. We do not understand that we have to awaken Shri Ganesha within us. There is Shri Ganesha already existing In you; as innocence and it cannot be lost, Shri Ganesha is an eternal being.

To keep this Ganesh always shining within us, is to remember that you were made in the same pattern as Shri Ganesha.

His kundalini, his pure desire is on his stomach. It is significant to understand this. It means that he need not have to conquer the temptations of Mooladhara. He is also beyond temptations of food, power etc. Because His stomach represents absolute abandonment and freedom. He is not worried about his looks. Shri Ganesha accepts it. The head of the elephant suggests that HE is not like a human being who develops ego & super-ego. He is all the time one with the Divine. He accepts his body, his head, & everything that he is made of. He is what He is because He is a satisfied soul. The Kundalini on the stomach shows a completely self contented, satisfied personality of Shri Ganesha. When you have all the powers with you, you know you are powerful. Then you don’t hanker after all these things & you dont make an impression on others.

As you are created in the same image of Shri Ganesha you have to understand that you have to accept whatever God has given you.

Verse 7

"Sorphadam kadantha thooya mei jnana
Arphudam  nindra  karpaga  kalire . "

Transcending the frontiers of words , in the " Turiya " state , Ganesha was present.

Verse 8

"Muphazham nukarum mooshika vaagana
Iphozhudu  yennai  aat  kolla  vendi . "

Oh Ganesha ! , who relishes mangoes , jackfruit and banana fruits, rule over me, the same way as you forgave and made mooshika as your vehicle.

Verse 9

"Thaaiyaai enakku thaan ezhundhu aruli
Maaya  piravi  mayakkam  aruthaai . "

Oh ! Vinayaka , thou came in the form of the Mother , to sunder the bondage of Samsara.


"Thirundhiya mudhal aindhu ezhuthum thelivaai
Porunthave vandhu yen ullam thanil pugundhu . "

Please  rush  immediately  and  occupy  my  heart and reveal to me the essence of "panchakshara "..

Verse 11

"Guru  vadivaagi  kuvalayam  thannil
Thiruvadi vaithu thiram ithu porul enna . "

Oh  Ganesha ! , come in the form of my Guru ad occupying my heart, reveal the essence of Creation.


"Vaada vagai thaan maginzhthu ennakaruli
koda  yuthathaal kodu vinai kalainthaie . "

 Using the weapon "Koda" , sunder my karmas , and rescue me from the samsara cycle.

Verse 13

"Uvatta  upadesam pugatti yenn seviyil
Thevittadha jnana thelivaiyum kaatte . "

By your sweet words which are like Ambrosia, reveal to me the much desired Jnana.

Verse 14

"Aimpulan thannaiyum attakum ubhayam
Inburu  karunaiyin  innidhu  yennakaruli . "

By your grace, reveal to me the way to control the outgoing five senses.

Verse 15

"Karuvigal odungum  karuthinai arivithu
Iruvinai  thannai  aruthu  irul  kadinthu . "

Revealing the way to establish samadhi, drive away the darkness caused by ignorance and sunder all karmas.

Verse 16

"Thalam  oru  naalum thanthu ennaku aruli
Malam oru mmondrin mayakkam aruthae . "

Blessing me with the four states, Ganesha removed the illusion caused by the three malas.

Verse 17

"Onbadhu  vaayil  oru  manthirathaal
Aimpula kadhavai adaipathum kaati . "

In this body Temple which has Nine entrances, Ganesha  teach me the simple mantra by which the five senses can be controlled.

Verse 18

"Aaraathaarathu anghusha nilaiyum
Perra  niruthi  pechurai  aruthae . "

Revealing to me the Six chakrasand their qualities, take me to the seventh chakra which is the real mauna state.

Verse 19

"Ida  pingalaiyin  ezhthu  arivithu
kadaiyir suzhumunai kabalum kaati . "

Explaining the working of Ida and Pingala Nadi's, you also reveal the sushumna path which takes me to sahasara lotus.

Verse 20

"Moondru mandalathin mutiya thoonin
Naan  ezhu  paambin  naavil  unarthi . "

Awaking the dormant kundalini, which is sleeping in Mooladara, you make it travel through sushumna, which passes through the mandala's of surya , chandra and agni.

Shri Mataji on Kundalini

“It is important to understand about your own Kundalini, as Self realisation is Self knowledge & the one who gives Self knowledge is your own Kundalini because when she rises , she points out what are the problems on your Chakras. Now we say that it is pure desire. It is your chaste desire. It has no lust or greed in it. That power is your Mother and She Is settled down in the triangular bone. She knows everything about you just as a tape recorder. She is absolute knowledge. Because She is so pure that whatever Chakra She touches, She knows what is wrong with that Chakra before hand; so She is quite prepared and She adjusts herself fully so that you do not get a problem by the awakening. If any Chakra is constricted , She waits and goes on slowly opening that Chakra.

The Kundalini is the primordial power and is reflected in you. In a human being, it is like many strands of energy, like rope. This energy is all twisted together to form that Kundalini. In a human being the strands are 3 x 7 = 21 Nadis raised to the power of 108. When your kundalini rises, one or two strands out of this come up and pierce the fontanelle bone. It has to pass through the innermost nadi known as Brahma Nadi. It is a spiral movement throughout. The kundalini is spiral and nadis are also like a spiral. The outer most nadi is the right side Nadi, “Pingala Nadi”. The second innermost is Ida Nadi. She starts sending these threads through Brahma Nadi; by that they relax the centre. By relaxing of Centre, the sympathetic nervous system also starts relaxing, your pupils start dilating and when it has pierced the Agnya, then the eyes will be completely dilated & shining. Then She enters into Sahasrara.

It is absolutely the pure light of knowledge of love, compassion & attention. All these things are in that energy. We know of many energies like electrical, light energy etc. These energies cannot think. They cannot adjust and work on their own.

They have to be handled by us. But this energy itself is the living energy & knows how to handle itself. It thinks. If you see a seed being sprouted, you will find at the tip of the seed, there is a small little cell which knows how to go around the soft places, how to encircle the stones & how to find its way towards the source. That cell has got a little Kundalini in it. But within you a tremendous force of Kundalini exists. When a realised soul says that he should have more compassion, as my compassion, is not alright; my concern about others, my generosity is not alright, I have exploited other’s love. Then this energy starts moving, giving you that greater dimension of love & compassion. If you do not want to grow in your awareness then She does not supply the energy which is stored in you.

The Kundalini is there to nourish you, look after you & make you grow by giving you a higher, wider & deeper personality. All her power is nothing but love. She gives the power to forgive. Even when you think, the energy for thinking comes from Kundalini because you are asking her help.

The power of Kundalini is absolute Purity, auspiciousness, holiness, chastity, self respect, pure love, detachment, concern, enlightened attention to give you Joy. As a mother will try whatever is possible to give Joy to her child, in the same way, this Kundalini has only one power & that is how to give Joy to her own Children. When we talk in the light of Kundalini, we have to understand that this light spreads in your life, outside your life & expresses itself in a very beautiful manner.

When you worship Adi Kundalini, the reflection in you, which is your Kundalini, is very happy. Also the deities feel happy.

The power of Kundalini which is your own Mother has to rise & manifest itself, because of your Pure Desire. In your introspection, pujas & in your Meditation, you should see for yourself, why are you in Meditation. It is for Pure Desire of compassion & love to be awakened within us. The growth has started and you will find that this shell which is human conditioning & ego will just break open. It is in the triangular bone, which comes up, manifests and can save the whole world. Just see the magnificence, the expansion, the greatness of this Kundalini which was within you & which came up in its full strength & has shown tremendous things.

The joy we feel during music recitals is because Kundalini is dancing. She gets happy because you ask for nothing but enjoyment of collectivity.

You are yourself fully connected when you are absolutely detached & your Kundalini is dancing. You are alone & never alone. This oneness with the whole gives you all the security & joy you want. That’s why the Kundalini awakening means collectivity. Unless & until you want pure collectivity in your being Kundalini won’t rise.

When you worship Adi Kundalini, You are trying to cleanse your Kundalini, as well as please the Deities. This is an object. It cannot be changed. But the reflector can change. The movement of Kundalini depends on temperament of person. Kundalini can give you honesty, & faith in honesty by actualising the experience. Supposing you want to go to a garden & you are suddenly there. Then you will know that your desire is pure & it has worked out. All such miracles happen. The pure desire works out because it is powerful.

When it works, the whole thing works out & you develop faith. That faith is within you. Nobody can challenge you, if you have faith, it will be done. Your Pure desire is now being fulfilled, you are now connected & you are now Divine. You are realised souls. You are different from others. For you, all this subtle knowledge is being absorbed, because your Kundalini is absorbing it. Whatever is absorbed is absorbed back by me. But that becomes like a barometer. You immediately know without thinking, asking, you know about anyone because Kundalini is the reflector. The better a reflector, you become, the more the Kundalini shows. Though Kundalini is an individual Mother, in her functions & methods. She is just the same. You cannot cheat the Kundalini, She knows you out & out. We must Meditate to get into thoughtless awareness by which we allow the Kundalini to grow.”

Shri Mataji on Working of Kundalini

“The truth is there is a residual power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called ‘Kundalini’. She has the power to bring forth, the complete nourishment & adjustment of the disturbed genes. Whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired when She is awakened, She changes the series of genes. Not only that she corrects the gene’s data base but She breaks through the fontanelle bone area & connects the Seeker to the all pervading power of Divine Love also called as Cool breeze of Holy Ghost, RUH, RITHAMBARA or PARAMCHAITANYNA. Thus one by this Second birth, becomes a realised person as actualisation of Baptism takes place. The light of the SPIRIT which is the reflection of God Almighty in our Heart enters into our attention and enlightenment. The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but changes as the transformation takes place within”

Verse 21

"Kundalini adhanil koodiya asabai
Vindezhu mandiram velipada uraithu . "

 Teaching   me   the   manthra  to  raise  the  Kundalini Shakthi .

Verse  22

"Mooladharathin moondezhu kanalai
Kaalaal yezhupum karuthu arivithae . "

Revealing the technique of raising the kundalini , the kundalini fire which is at Mooladara.

Verse  23

"Amudha nilayum aadithyan iyakkammum
Kumudha sagaayan gunathiyum koori . "

Teaching me the working of Moon and Sun channels, and the state of Sahasrara .

Effect of Ascent of Kundalini

SHRI MATAJI, “When this Kundalini rises, She changes the data bases of the genes and a transformation in personality takes place. The six centres are cleansed, nourished & enlightened which is reflected in the genes which are three each on the two sides of the loop. Another thing that happens to a person who gets his awakening is that he forgets all the artificial barriers of life, like racialism, nationalism, communism, capitalism and all ‘isms’ - drop out and he becomes a part of the Universal Religion & Universal Kingdom of Divine Love”.

Verse 24

"Ida chakarathin yeer ettu nilayum
Udar chakarathin urupaiyum kaati "

While helping me in this ascent , Ganesha also taught me the working of gross and subtle bodies.

Verse  25

"Shanmuga thoolamum chathur muga chookamum
Yenn muga maaga ini thena aruli . "

Ganesha, also taught me the " Sloka " and " Sookshma " , states and art of looking within .

Verse  26

"Puriyatta kaayam pullapada ennkku
Theriyetta nilayum dharisanam paduthi . "

Revealing me the cause and function of this  ' gross body ' and also revealing me the  8  states .

Verse 27

"Karuthinir  kabala vaayil kaati
Iruthi mukthi ini thena aruli . "

Taking me to Sahasrara , teaching me the state of bliss, ' MUKTHI '.

Verse  28

"Yennai arivithu yennakku arul seithu
Munnai vinayin muthalai kaainthu . "

Cutting away all past sins and Ego, Ganesha reveal to me , 'Who I Am? ', which is possible , only by your grace and blessings .

Verse 29

"Vaakum manamum illa mano layam
Thekkiyae yen than sindhai thelivithu . "

Taking me to the state of TURIYA , Oh ! Ganesha purify my  'Chitha ' .

Verse  30

"Irul  veli  irandirkum  ondridam  yenna
Arul tharum aanandhathai azhuthi yenn seviyil . "

Showing me the source of ' Shoonya ', or ' Vacuum', and the 'vast expanse of "SPACE" , Ganesha taught me the state of 'Anandha'.

Verse 31

"Yellai  illa  aanandham  alithu
Allal  kalainthae  arul  vazhi  kaati . "

Shielding me from all difficulties, which I otherwise  would have to face , Ganesha showered me with ' NIRANANDHA STATE '.

Verse  32

"Sathathin   ulle   Sadhashivan   kaati
Sithathin   ulle   sivalingam   kaati . "

Ganesha, showed me  'SADA SIVAM', and Shiva linga in Shookshma state .

Verse  33

"Anuvikkum anuvaai appaallukum appaalaai
Kanu mutri nindra  karumbulle kaati . "

Within the atom and also in the grand expanse and also within the Sushumna Nadi, within the sugarcane shaped vertebral column, Ganesha showed me the presence of sweet Divinity.

Verse  34

"Vedamum   neerum   villanga   niruthi
koodum  mei   thondar kuzha thudan kooti . "

Teaching me the essence of Vedhas , Ganesha led me to the congregation of  "TRUE COLLECTIVITY ".

Verse  35

"Anjakarathin arum porul thannai
Nenja karuthin nilai arivithu . "

The meaning  of  "Panchakshara " , Ganesha made me understand and remain  in that wonderous state .

Verse  36

"Thathuva nilayai thanthu yennai aanda
Vithaga vinayaka vizhai kazhal sarane . "

I, Avvaiyaar, surrender and bow at the fragrant lotus feet of Sri Ganesha , who blessed me with wonderous state where the Tathwas are known and experienced, and having showed me the True Yoga , ruled over me .