(Sahasrara Puja, 05-05-1984, Edited DVD / Divine Cool Breeze, Jan-Feb, 2007)

I think the first era of Sahaja Yoga has ended and new era has started. In the first era of Sahaja Yoga, the starting point was first the opening of the Sahasrara i.e. awakening of the Kundalini, and piercing the Fontanel bone area.

We awakened the Deities in your centers, in the medulla oblongata and also in the brain. But now the time has come for us to spread it in the horizontal level

If you have to place your attention to Sahasrara, first thing you have to do is to pay attention to your heart. In the Sahasrara, the heart- chakra and the heart itself, the Atma coincide. Means the Jagadamba becomes one with the heart, that is the Atma and her the yoga takes place.

The essence of all religions, of all the prophets, of all the incarnations, is compassion, and is placed in this chakra of heart.

If God Almighty had no compassion He would not have created this great universe. Actually His power, or the Adi Shakti, is the embodiment of His compassion, and this compassion has brought forth all the evolution to human level and even your emancipation as Sahaja Yogis.

Compassion is always completely covered with forgiveness.

The Trinity meets at this point. The son of God is forgiveness, is the embodiment of forgiveness. So the God Almighty, who is the witness, the Mother who is compassion and the child who is forgiveness, all meet at the heart chakra in the Sahasrara.

Now the place of Sahasrara is in your head as you think it to be, but it is the centre of the whole universe. To develop this you have to pay attention to your heart chakra in the fontanel bone area. There you can establish the deity. But this deity has to be established into the heart. Now you are very lucky people that you have the deity in person with you.

At Sahasrara “She is Mahamaya”. Mahamaya Shakti is much greater than your imagination, that is why one has to surrender. With your limited imagination of brain one cannot see the deity.

Also “ She is Bhaktigamya”, You can know Her through Bhakti, through devotion. Reality is absolute. So to achieve that, one has to get rid of all kinds of impurities that are within the heart.

Now the job of an Avatara is such that He has to fulfill the desires of His bhaktas, His disciples. So at Shri Krishna’s level It was “Yoga Kshemam Vahamyaham”. Kshema was looked after at Krishna’s level because it was promised.

You have now good families, good ashrams, good jobs, everyone is happy. Now let us think of the next era. Next era is of compassion. But if any of the chakras are weak in you still, the light that comes white because of the seven colors, may dim out or may be defective. So all the chakras, that are within us are to be looked after. We have to pay attention to every chakra, and put compassion on these chakras.

Now let us take the chakra of Shri Ganesha. Now put your feeling on this chakra. Chakra is the “Pradesha”, is the country and the King is Shri Ganesha. Now when you put your attention on to that chakra, put your feelings of love and adoration to Him, to begin with, and then to manifest compassion, you have to ask nothing but one thing that “ O God of innocence, give innocence to all to all the people of the world”. But first you have to be innocent to ask that.

For an innocent person, when he sees a beautiful person, or a woman, or a beautiful creation, the first thing that should happen is to become thoughtless, there is no thought. Now pray to Shri Ganesha “Please make me innocent, so that I am empowered to ask you for this boon that, wherever I go, I emit innocence. When people look at me they feel I am innocent”. This is compassion, the compassion to ask Him to give you the power of compassion itself.

In the first era of Sahaja Yoga, you needed to see Me in person. As we say in Sanskrit, a “Dhyeya”, is the target, you wanted the target in front of you, for whatever is to be achieved. The second era, now, you will not desire so much that Mother should be there. You will take it over from Me. This is the Divine Desire Iam telling you about, and you have to work on that from today onwards. I am with you, you know that, but need not be in this body, because I don’t know if I exist in this body or not. But once this desire starts working, you will see tremendous miracles happening.

So you may find Me anywhere, You are walking on the street, suddenly you might find Mataji walking with you. So this is the second era we have started, and you should not shocked if you see Me sitting on your bed and putting My hands on your head, or you may see Me in the form of Christ walking into your room, or as Shri Rama. That has to happen, so you should be prepared.

In this era you will give up asking for things, and also for anything subtler, anything that is subtle, the asking will disappear, and that is the time you will become very powerful. The Kundalini’s work has been done, quite a lot, now the work of compassion, of spreading to others, has to be done by you.

With a complete surrendered mind you have to goo through this pilgrimage of this castle.

Know that you are progressing in Sahja Yoga:

  • As you become more peaceful and your temper vanishes in the thin air, as soon as you see somebody attacking you, then know that you are progressing well.

  • As soon as you see an ordeal or a calamity falling on the personality and you do not get worried about it, then you know that you are progressing.

  • When no amount of artificiality can impress you then know that you are progressing.

  • No amount of material well-being in others makes you unhappy, no more unhappy, then know that you are progressing well.

  • No amount of labor or troubles are sufficient to become a Sahaja Yogi, while you have got it without any effort, so you are something special.

  • Once you know you are special, you will become humble about it. Then when it happens to you, that you humble down when you see you have achieved, that you have some powers, that you are emitting innocence, that you are discreet and as a result of that you become more compassionate, humbler personality, a sweeter personality, then you should believe that you are in the heart of your Mother.

  • So you will grow so fast, that without meditation you will be in meditation, without being in My presence you will be in My presence. Without asking, you will be blessed by your Father.

  • This is what you are in for; and again I welcome you to this new era today on this great day of Sahasrara.