I have been practicing sahajayoga since last 16 years. Unlike other yogas, It helps us to achieve stress free state of mind by making us to go in thoughtless awareness through kundalini awakening.Since I have been in Sahaj for a long time I can tell u how it helped me in my journey till date. Whenever I feel stressed all I have to do is to sit in meditation and Balance myself.

As a student: It has helped me a lot in improving my concentration, creativity and grasping power which helped me in studies and extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, painting and other competitions. So, its an advantage for students .

As an employee: Now that I am here working for Infosys, I can feel most of the people around me so much stressed out of work. Yelling, frustrated, short tempered, freaked out sometimes. On the other hand, I feel relaxed and confident. I enjoy my work. All I have to do is to be in meditative state.

I can make my own and correct decisions. No physical, mental and emotional issues. Thus Sahajayoga helps us to manage our problems and enjoy our present without the worries of past and future.

Friends !! Aren’t we born to enjoy such life?? Make your life worth living. And if we can achieve this with Sahajayoga, then what exactly are we waiting for??

Thanks to our Holy Mother !!

Pradnyakshi Murlidhar Rane INFOSYS
17 January, 2013