Hi Friends, Jai Shri Mathaji,

Sahaja Yoga Session is a blessed state of Mathaji to our human beings to get rid of tensions, stress and difficulties in our day-to-day life And achieve a meaningful life with peace and joy. Shri Mathaji gave a clear process of how the Subtle System of Human Body works, its three channels and the importance of each chakra to the Sahaja Yogis.

We in Wipro company, take initiate to continue to the sessions every week to collectively meditate and relieve from our stress. In Mediation, we pray to Mother Shri Mathaji Nirmala Devi with affirmations and we get the vibrations from our palms. If any problem in our body could be experienced from the catches in the fingers of our palms.And this way we find balance in our thoughts and manage our stess.  By Collective meditation vibrations will be very strong and thoughts would be reduced, and we feel our state of being in present state. This is how we feel stress free, manage problems and enjoy our present life without worries.

I was in meditation for the past 1 and ½ years. I am happy with what I was blessed, irrespective of thinking more about my past or future. Thanks to Shri MathajiJ


Jayasree D Wipro Technologies Limited
1 February, 2013